Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a good boy.

I had another lesson on the big man yesterday, and I'm still swimming in bliss. My trainer said over the last month with the extra hard work and riding time I've been putting in, along with the schooling lessons we've had, he's like a totally different horse. She said he's just so willing and really trying his best for me, and that he's actually performing many of the technical aspects of his training to the best of what can be expected at his age. I couldn't be happier that our hard work is paying off, and it was wonderful to hear from my coach that she thinks I'm doing an excellent job as his trainer in being consistent with him and helping him to improve. He is after all my first baby, although I have worked with green horses before, and he's definitely taught me more than all the others combined. We're really starting to grow into a partnership now. Yesterday as we were going, Boomer had this lovely, relaxed, bouncy trot, and was so soft and light in my hands. My trainer said it looked lovely and asked me: "How does that feel?" A huge smile broke out on my face. She's very proud of the pair of us and at the end of the lesson kept emphasizing what a good boy Boomer was. His big ears just kept flicking in all directions, soaking up the praise. He really thrives off it.

I'm so excited for when the weather warms up and we can add some hacking to our schooling schedule. I can't believe Boomer will be four next month! Time goes so quickly.


Daun said...

Woohoo! Go Boomer! Aren't these creatures just amazing? We are so lucky to get to learn from them about the really important things in life. Everytime my boy and I work together as a team, even if it's just a simple thing like trotting a nice circle instead of an ellipse, it feels we are really speaking the same language. It's an amazing connection. You have really described the sensation perfectly and it makes me long for my boy.

Thanks for sharing!!

Beckz said...

That sounds like you are making incredible progress. Well done :)

Kim Carneal said...

there is no more beautiful horse than a heavy horse!
I too am the lone person of a draft, working it natural (Tellington TTouch) in a barn of traditional southern HJs and foxhunters.
It's great to see your blog. I love reading about Boomer. Nice work! come on over and see my start up!

Anonymous said...

I found you and Mr. Boomer through Daun and Brego :) Gooooo Janine and Boomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm definitely going to check back regularly! 5 words: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE DRAFT! My girl is 110% Percheron and as athletic as they come. She WANTS to jump, she absolutely loves it!

Julia said...

Hello! I'm aware that you haven't posted since March 2008 but i just had to leave a comment- I also have a Percheron cross named Boomer! This is a great blog, it's too bad you haven't posted for a while it would be nice to have an update! :)
If you do come back to your blog my name is Julia and my blog is, feel free to stop by and check out my Boomer! What a coincidence!

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